Bring Community Solar to Massachusetts

We need your help to launch a new Community Solar Farm in Massachusetts.

The last three years have been the hottest ever recorded. We can work together to reverse this trend. You can help create a clean energy future and save money when you support 100% solar power in Massachusetts.

Community Solar is a way to access solar energy without having to own your home. Instead of installing expensive solar panels on your own rooftop, you join a local solar farm.

This local farm then produces solar energy and you receive credits on your utility bill. Each month, subscribers will see credits on their utility bill based on the power produced by their share of a nearby farm. These credits help typical subscribers save 10%* off the amount of their electricity bill in the first year.

Sign up for your local solar farm today! When you join, you'll bring more solar to Massachusetts and start making the planet a better place for the future.

*IMPORTANT: Community Solar offers up to twenty years of Alternative On-Bill Credits ("AOBCs") for your subscription to a solar farm. The value of AOBCs is not guaranteed and may increase or decrease over the term of the agreement based on your utility's tariffs. The subscription rate is a 10% discount to the AOBC you receive and is not regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Savings are not guaranteed. You may be subject to an early termination fee of $250. Although you are not using solar power generated by the solar farm, your purchase of AOBCs supports solar development in MA. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change. Review the Subscription Agreement for additional details.

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