Join Us: Hold Trump Accountable

Let's be very clear about something: Donald Trump's administration is one of the most corrupt in history.

From the start, Democrats have said that Trump's behavior and actions are wrong -- but it's not enough to just call him out. Now is the time to act -- not in 2020, but right now.

Every day we see just how far Republicans will go to protect Trump and his cronies from any efforts to hold them accountable. Their blatant efforts to erode our democracy -- from undermining the rule of law to ignoring Trump's cruelty to immigrant children -- are not just shameful, but dangerous. We must put a stop to it.

What we do right now could determine whether the special counsel's investigation will be allowed to continue without interference. It could determine whether the game remains rigged in favor of special interests and wealthy corporations. There are many courageous Democrats who are not afraid to hold Trump and the Republicans accountable, but they need our support to expose Trump's corruption -- and they need it now.

Will you stand with Democrats and make sure Trump answers for his corruption? Add your name now to support Democrats' anti-corruption legislation and help put a stop to Trump's lies.

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