The UK’s rivers belong to us all – we won’t let water companies dump sewage into them.

When you look at a river in the UK, you might see a haven for wildlife, the perfect swimming spot, or a tranquil place to take in the beauty of nature. But judging by their record, water companies don't see any of that – they just see a place to dump their raw sewage.

With the Government and regulators failing to take proper action, private water companies think they can get away with turning our pristine rivers into toxic sludge. But the law's on our side – and together we can use it to hold them accountable.

We must act quickly before our delicate ecosystems are lost forever. If we pull together now, we can take polluting companies to court, make sure the Government and the regulators are enforcing the law and keep our rivers healthy for future generations.

Today, you can help use the law to defend our rivers and waterways. Are you in? Add your name now.
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