Volunteer Virtually with Human Rights Campaign!

The Human Rights Campaign needs your help to make sure pro-equality voters know how to vote safely during this pandemic. 

As one of the largest LBGTQ advocacy organizations in the nation, HRC is committed to making sure pro-equality voters have everything they need to participate in this important election. 

Making phone calls to help pro-equality voters understand their options for doing so is more important now than ever.

Help our organizers meet their goals by joining our virtual call community every day between now and Election Day. We will give you everything you need to get started and help us reach our goals. We hope you can attend for the full shift, but even just an hour of your time calling will help us meet our goals.

We are calling into states with several early and absentee voting accommodations--in some cases, these opportunities are new this year--Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin.

When you sign up, an HRC organizer will reach out to you with details on volunteering safely from home with guidance and training needed to contact voters immediately.

Sign up today to volunteer to phonebank with Human Rights Campaign!
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