Don't let COVID-19 set back girls' equality

COVID-19 has set us back in countless ways. But for girls in crisis, it's done more than just set them back. It is unraveling decades of progress for girls' equality.

The pandemic is keeping girls from getting an education. From protecting themselves. From accessing basic sanitation and vital healthcare. It's keeping girls from choosing what happens to their own bodies and from enjoying equal rights. It's keeping girls from everything they've worked so hard for.

We must #StopTheSetback. That's what Plan International USA, an international nonprofit organization fighting for girls' rights, is doing right now.

We're on the ground in more than 54,000 communities in over 70 countries. We are working with communities to message the importance of hygiene and healthy behaviors and providing sanitation and hygiene kits and building access to water and safe bathrooms. We are also working to protect girls, who are among the most vulnerable during a crisis, by working against harmful practices like child marriage, trafficking and gender-based violence, which can escalate during emergencies.

But we can't do this work alone. Gender equality is a fight we must all take on together. That's where you come in.

Stand with Plan International USA today to help ensure COVID-19 does not set back girls' equality.
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