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The Equality Act currently excludes people with alcohol dependence from its protections, increasing discrimination and stigmatisation, and reducing the support available.

Compared to discrimination law in the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand - only Britain excludes alcohol dependence. This needs to change.

The exclusion means people can be prevented from getting employment, even if they have stopped drinking and are the best person for the job, or they can be dismissed without any effort to help them.

People with experience of alcohol dependence deserve better.

Under current law, time off work to help with alcohol dependence can be refused because the condition is wrongly categorised as "self-inflicted". This example highlights why the Equality Act needs to change:

Sid asks his employer if he can attend an appointment for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help reduce his drinking. His employer says he cannot because his condition is "self-inflicted". This is currently legal – it shouldn't be.

The government should reduce the stigma experienced by people living with alcohol dependence by including them in Equality Act protections.

Will you sign this petition asking the government to end this discriminatory exclusion?
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