Now Is The Time To Make Health Care Affordable In Colorado

Every Coloradan, including people of all races and incomes, deserves access to affordable and quality health care. We know that high costs of care and limited insurance options prevent people from getting the care they need. Even before this pandemic, 1 in 5 Coloradans struggled to pay their health care bills or they went without care altogether. Today, access to health care is more expensive, inequitable, and out of reach for too many Coloradans.

COVID-19 has shown a spotlight on the cracks and disparities in our state's healthcare system. Right now 1 in 6 Colorado counties still have only one health insurance company offering individual insurance plans, most of them in rural areas. Coloradans who are Black, Latinx, and Native American lack access to the care they need. Meanwhile, the healthcare industry, including corporate hospital systems and insurance companies, are making record profits.

Now is the time to act. This pandemic has showcased the failures of our health care system in Colorado. Working Coloradans and small businesses invested in their communities do not have time to wait. The status quo will only prolong the pain of unaffordable health care and the suffering that Coloradans are facing.

In the midst of a public health and economic crisis, access to affordable health care is more important than ever. We must do everything we can to reduce Colorado's high cost of care, ensure adequate health insurance options, and hold the corporate healthcare industry accountable for the service they provide. With your support, Healthier Colorado can make health care more accessible and affordable for all Coloradans.
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