Displaced Ukraine Refugees Deserve Safe Shelter

Since the start of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, countless innocent people have been killed and homes destroyed, tearing families and lives apart. Millions of people, the majority women and children, are fleeing in the bitter cold, forced to live underground in basements, train stations, or collective centers like schools, sports halls, and churches. The scale of this disaster is massive. With essential parts of infrastructure damaged and food running out in some areas, many face an uncertain future.

ShelterBox is helping families survive by supporting those living in damaged buildings within Ukraine and families who have fled to neighboring countries seeking safety by offering emergency shelter and other essential items to enable them to rebuild their lives.

We are deeply concerned for families affected by the war and stand with the UN in calling for peace and the protection of civilians. The basic human right of shelter, having somewhere warm and dry to sleep, is vital for starting the long process of rebuilding your life.

Sign now if you believe shelter is a basic human right and that innocent people affected by the Ukraine crisis deserve safe access to humanitarian relief!
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