Tell Congress: The US Needs a No First Use Policy.

The U.S. Administration is working to reverse decades of American leadership to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. The latest move: the United States plans to kill the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia, which helped end the Cold War and banned thousands of nuclear missiles.

30 years ago, there were 70,300 nuclear weapons on the planet. Today, an estimated 14,485 nuclear weapons remain. Nuclear weapons threaten every city on the planet with staggering humanitarian, environmental and economic loss. So long as they exist we will never be safe.

Eliminating all nuclear weapons won't happen overnight. But one thing we can do immediately to prevent possible nuclear conflict is to adopt a "No First Use" policy, eliminating the President's unilateral power to start nuclear war. And there's a bill in Congress right now that would do that.

Most people feel powerless in the face of ongoing nuclear tension, but passing this legislation would immediately reduce the risk of nuclear war. This is something you can do right now that would make a big impact.

Sign our petition and tell your Members of Congress to support the No-First-Use legislation (HR 4115) and take nuclear first strikes off the table.

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