Ban the Practice of Tying Torches to the Horns of Bulls

  • par: Freya H
  • destinataire: Spanish Government

A bull died a horrible death at a Spanish "burning bull" festival after event organisers strapped burning torches to the top of his head in front of a cheering crowd.

Organizers tied the bull to a pole in the middle of a makeshift bullring and then attached a wooden plank, that was covered in flames on either end, to his horns. The terrified animal became confused and frenzied as soon as they attached the blazing torches to his head. After they untied him, he ran head-first and full-speed into the same post he'd been tied to - dying instantly in the collision.

The animal died at the "Bulls in the Street" event in Foios, a small town 10 miles north of Valencia in eastern Spain. The disturbing video has gone viral and alerted animal rights supporters to this horrible event.

There is no justification for making animals suffer such terror and pain just for human entertainment. This incident proves that claims no animals have ever died is baloney. Why can't celebrants tie fake torches with colorful streamers to the horns of bulls, or use a fake bull's head?

Leaders of Spain: Please abolish this cruel practice forever.

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