Transform Our Food System: Commit to Reducing or Eliminating Meat from Your Diet

In the US, 99% of animals raised and killed for food live in conditions that cause them unbearable stress and suffering. Factory farming subjects billions of animals to horrific cruelty and has catastrophic impacts on the environment and local communities. In addition, high meat consumption is linked to increased risks of several illnesses, while diets rich in plant-based foods have better health outcomes.

Sign up for Meating Halfway, a 21-day journey toward reducing your meat and dairy consumption, to get guided support, access exclusive discounts from our plant-based partners, and learn more about the benefits of plant-based eating.

What the journey includes:
  • Our free meat reduction starter kit.
  • Support from our meat reduction experts.
  • Delicious recipes to make at home.
  • Useful facts about factory farming and plant-based eating.
  • Special discounts from our corporate partners.

Whether you choose to eat less meat a few days a week or remove animal products from your diet entirely, you will be joining a people-powered movement that can help transition our food system to one that is more sustainable and kinder to animals.

Together, we're changing the way the world works to end animal cruelty and suffering. Forever.
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