Act now for climate justice

The communities at greatest risk from climate change are those least responsible for causing it. Extreme heat and drought, storms, floods, and mudslides — the impacts of climate change are here, and they're exacerbating already-dire humanitarian emergencies around the world.

Mercy Corps works with communities deeply affected by the climate crisis, supporting resilience and adaptation for millions of people in countries around the world. From enabling climate-smart livelihoods to reducing flood risk, our work centers the needs and opportunities of those most exposed to the changing climate — and with the fewest resources to adapt.

Climate change is an existential threat to all of humanity, but it doesn't affect everyone equally. Right here and now, for billions of people managing the impacts of climate change, survival is a daily challenge. For those of us who are fortunate not to confront these daily impacts firsthand, it's our responsibility to stand with those who do.

Join Mercy Corps and take action for climate justice — add your name to stand with the people and communities most vulnerable to climate change.
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