A vital need…growing by the day. Show your support for homebound elderly New Yorkers like Frances.

This year, 1 in 10 elderly New Yorkers are facing food insecurity. With meal deliveries, check-ins and an ongoing sense of security and belonging, Citymeals meets a vital need in this city… one that is growing by the day. Filling the gaps all year long — on weekends, holidays and during localized emergencies, support from compassionate neighbors like you nourishes homebound elderly New Yorkers.

Your support means the world to neighbors like Frances. Grateful for the nutritious meals and companionship from Citymeals over the past seven years, at 84, she considers herself very lucky. But her eyes tear up when she remembers cooking meals for her family and how these special moments brought them together. Sadly, her husband and two sons have all passed on.

We work every day to make sure our elderly neighbors like Frances have nourishing meals and never feel forgotten. Each one of our nearly 22,000 meal recipients depend on us for nourishment to maintain their health and independence, as well as friendly check-ins to prevent the social isolation so many homebound elderly experience living alone.

United by our shared compassion for others, we can address the growing problems of elder hunger and social isolation together.

Add your name today to pledge your support for Citymeals work to provide care to homebound elderly New Yorkers.
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