Act Now to Protect our Region from Scenic Destruction and Careless Development

Blight, billboards, destruction of historic buildings, utility wires, careless development, giant light-up signs – all these threaten to destroy what makes our region's towns, cities and landscapes unique and beautiful. We work to ensure the economic, health and quality-of-life benefits of scenic beauty are preserved for everyone. We are a chapter of Scenic America, which works on these issues at a national level.


Scenic Pittsburgh helps communities fight for the preservation of their scenic beauty, and assists them in leveraging what they have to provide opportunity for everyone. We do this through outreach, education, strategic legal advice, and help with putting legislation in place that benefits residents and attracts business – while protecting what makes our communities what they are!


If you don't know where to turn since a giant billboard company has petitioned to place a light-up sign near your home, or if you're frustrated that your neighborhood is missing out on revitalization opportunities, or you're tired of seeing beloved scenery and buildings destroyed in favor of another quick building project, we understand – and we can help.


Please sign this petition to keep our communities beautiful and unique, and ensure everyone benefits from scenic beauty!

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