Tell PetSmart to stop selling reptiles and amphibians – end the suffering of thousands of animals

The snakes, lizards, tortoises, and frogs you see at PetSmart stores in Canada are wild animals and experience stress and suffering from the moment they are born until, in many cases, they suffer an early death. 

PetSmart contributes to the multi-billion-dollar trade that exploits wild animals on an industrial scale. They continue to sell wild animals as pets, despite mounting scientific evidence that there is a serious concern for animal welfare, biodiversity, and public health. 

Trade in wild animals can also lead to the spread of disease and illness in humans. Health agencies, including Health Canada, warn that reptiles and amphibians, are inappropriate pets for families with young children and the elderly, but PetSmart continues to sell them anyway. 

We must act!

Please join us and demand that PetSmart stops selling reptiles and amphibians. Together we can end their suffering.

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