Tell Iowa Lawmakers to Protect Patients From Non-Medical Switching

Non-medical switching occurs when an insurer "switches" a patient's prescribed medicine for a non-medical reason. This can happen in a number of ways, including:

  • Assigning the medication a higher co-pay
  • Increasing patients' out-of-pocket requirements
  • Eliminating coverage for certain medications

Non-medical switching can negatively impact people's lives in many ways. Patients have reported side effects from new medication, medical complications, symptom resurgence, and disruption of work and home life. These problems can require more doctor visits, trips to the emergency room and even hospitalizations.  Access to prescription medications is critical to patient health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, some insurers are leaving in place barriers to treatment that limit access to necessary medicines.

We've heard from patients across Iowa about how they have been impacted by non-medical switching:

"Insurance companies have no right to dictate to doctors how to care for their patients; what treatments and medicines they give." – Marti M., Story City, IA

As so many people face health and financial issues during the pandemic, Iowans need relief from insurance company practices like non-medical switching. Thankfully, state lawmakers in Iowa are fighting to protect patients.

Sign in support of Iowa lawmakers passing legislation to keep patients stable on their critical medication and preserve the doctor-patient relationship. Together we can STOP non-medical switching.

Dear [Legislator Name],

Non-medical switching is a dangerous insurer practice that can lead to serious medical and financial burdens for patients. Iowans want their doctor to prescribe their medicines, not insurance companies.

As your constituent, I urge you to support HF372, which would enact limits on non-medical switching. This legislation will help keep patients stable on their critical medication and preserve the patient-doctor relationship.

[Your comment here]

Thank you,

[Your name here]

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