Masks in schools protect kids with disabilities from COVID-19. Sign your name to support school mask mandates!

For kids with rare genetic disorders and disabilities, contracting COVID-19 could result in serious complications and even death. Yet, various state lawmakers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, South Carolina, Utah, Tennessee and Arizona have struck down mask mandates, endangering the lives and futures of at-risk children with disabilities. 

Legislation that enables parents to opt their children out of mask mandates is a nightmare for parents with special needs children who are desperate to get their kids back in school, while also keeping them safe and healthy. Moreover, by not creating a safe classroom environment where students are masked, kids with disabilities are likely to fall behind in school -- making education even more challenging for students with developmental delays or learning disabilities. 

Families of students with disabilities are fighting back by joining lawsuits in Tennessee, Florida, Utah, Texas and South Carolina, arguing that restrictions on mask mandates infringe on disability rights and force children with disabilities to choose between their health and their education. Will you stand with these families and support children with disabilities right to safely pursue their education?

Sign the petition today to show your support for universal school mask mandates to better protect students with disabilities from contracting COVID-19. 

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