Help stop Senate Bill 1107 that could lead to higher auto insurance costs for hardworking Californians.

We need your help to stop Senate Bill 1107 that will force California drivers to purchase more auto insurance coverage and drive up insurance rates, especially hurting lower-income consumers.

If passed, SB 1107 would double the minimum liability coverage that California drivers are forced to carry. Mandating higher coverage levels will result in higher insurance premiums. SB 1107 will force lower-income consumers to pay more for car insurance just so personal injury attorneys can make more money off of lawsuit settlements.

There is never a good time to raise car insurance costs, but now is an especially bad time to do so, as Californian's face record high gas prices and so many are still grappling with an economy that has barely recovered from the pandemic. Please call on your legislators to oppose SB 1107 today!

I am writing today to ask you to oppose SB 1107, which will drive up auto insurance costs and premiums at the worst possible time. If passed, this bill will double the amount of minimum liability coverage California drivers are required to carry. This change will lead to higher car insurance rates and could have a devastating impact on hardworking Californians, like me, who are still reeling from the past two years of economic turbulence.

Today, I am able to choose the amount of liability coverage I want to carry based on what fits in my budget. For many Californians, that means purchasing the minimum limits because that's all we can afford. By doubling the required minimum limits for liability insurance, this bill will force me to pay more for my insurance so personal injury lawyers can make more money in lawsuit settlements. That may be good news for personal injury attorneys, but it's bad news for California drivers like me who will face higher costs for insurance if coverage limit mandates double.

I have been through a lot over the past two years—the COVID-19 pandemic, an ongoing economic recovery, inflation, and record-high gas prices—and now is not the time for the California State Legislature to make things worse by increasing auto insurance costs.

Oppose SB 1107.


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