Tell Your Legislators to Support Maternal Mental Health

Mental health issues are among the most common complication of pregnancy and childbirth, and when left untreated, maternal mental health disorders can have serious medical, societal and economic consequences. ​Moreover, a mother's mental health is not only directly connected to her health and well-being, but also the health and well-being of her baby. 

Approximately 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression, and 1 in 10 experience postpartum anxiety.​ And during the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence suggests that rates of maternal mental health disorders are increasing. 

March of Dimes has identified five key elements that are critical to addressing and improving maternal mental health.​

  • Access to and insurance coverage for all types of mental health care
  • Universal screening of all pregnant and postpartum women
  • Referral to behavioral health providers for treatment 
  • Public education on the prevalence of maternal mental health issues that focuses on normalizing the stress new parents face and stigma reduction strategies.
  • And robust funding to support tracking maternal mental health disorders, as well as data collection on maternal mental health screening initiatives and treatment outcomes.
It's long overdue to spotlight mothers' mental health and implement policies to improve screening, diagnosis and treatment that can create #BlanketChange. Sign the petition today to join our Action Network and call on legislators to support maternal mental health legislation.
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