Help change the future of spinal cord injury

Meet 5-year-old Emerson, a happy child full of life and smiles. Other children his age would be running around doing all the things young children do. But, a cyst was discovered on his spinal cord when he was just 19 months old. Emerson had to have surgery to reduce the size of the cyst and his parents were then told he was paralysed from the chest down.

We at Spinal Research want to see the day when spinal cord injury does not mean a lifetime of paralysis.

For people suffering from a spinal cord injury, it is much more than just not being able to walk. A spinal cord injury affects basic bodily functions such as loss of sensation, breathing difficulties and inability to control body temperature.

Emerson's mum knows just how important Spinal Research is not only for her and her family but for everyone who suffers from a spinal cord injury. She says "It means a lot for Emerson, and for our family. Because one day we hope there will be a cure for Emerson."

Join us at Spinal Research and make a pledge to make a difference to families like Emerson's. With everyone's help, paralysis can be beaten.

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