Ban the sale of ivory and rhino horn in Australia!

Endangered elephant populations are on the brink of extinction! Any legal market for ivory products has the potential to send a green light to poachers that the demand for these items remains. It also provides loopholes for illegal trade to continue, further placing the conservation of these endangered animals at risk. International efforts to close all loopholes permitting the trade continue with the UK, USA, France, Singapore and even China closing their domestic markets.

In 2018 a parliamentary inquiry looking at Australia's domestic ivory trade market recommended Australia implement a domestic ban on the sale of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn. The following year, the Australian Government committed at the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to doing its part to protect remaining elephant populations by closing its domestic market. Three years on and there has been no change!

Please help by adding your name to support our calls for the Australian Government to work closely with the states and territories to urgently implement a domestic ban on this trade and add to the growing list of countries standing together to secure a future for the worlds remaining elephant populations.
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