Michiganders Deserve the Freedom to Make Their Own End-of-Life Decisions

Michigan lawmakers have introduced a medical aid-in-dying bill modeled after the 10+ states that have similar laws.

Faced with a terminal diagnosis, Michigan residents deserve the full range of options for care at the end of life, including medical aid in dying. Medical aid in dying allows terminally ill adults to get a prescription they can take to die on their terms.

A wide majority of Michigan voters, regardless of political affiliation, disability, race, gender identity, age or religion, support this compassionate option, which allows for mentally capable, terminally ill adults to peacefully end unbearable suffering.

Join the 73% of Michigan voters who support allowing terminally ill Michiganders to make their own end-of-life decisions.

I believe that the ability to make my own healthcare decisions, in accordance with my personal values and beliefs, is a core basic freedom. I believe that individuals should be able to decide what's right for them at the end of their lives, especially in the face of terminal suffering. I join the majority of Michiganders who support allowing mentally capable, terminally ill adults to choose to alleviate their suffering by authorizing medical aid in dying.  Sign up to join our Michigan volunteer team!

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