Tell Legislators: Stand up to Corporate Landlords

Rent is on the rise for Colorado families who are already struggling to make ends meet, but corporate landlords and their lobbyists are blocking our power to make rent affordable.

 We should get to decide how to address the high costs of living in our own communities. Instead, corporate landlords are pushing to maintain laws that put profits ahead of our needs, pushing our communities out of our own homes in the process.

Colorado's affordable housing crisis makes it impossible for hardworking people to provide a safe and comfortable life for their families. In Denver alone, housing costs require an average of nearly 50% of annual income—it's one of the ten least affordable metro areas in the country. Corporate developers and their lobbyists want to keep it that way.

Tell state legislators that corporate lobbyists have no place in this discussion. We need to bring the right to protect affordable housing back to communities.

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