Health care workers are facing a new crisis. They deserve a violence-free workplace.

From the start of the pandemic, hospital workers have demonstrated incredible dedication, compassion, and courage as they cared for our communities. They led the vaccination rollout, were there when we needed them most, and inspired hope for an eventual end to the pandemic.

Now, California's health care workers are experiencing a new crisis. Our frontline health heroes are reportedly facing an increase in violence from people who are struggling with the fallout of the pandemic. Individuals who are ill, and their family members who are often tired and afraid, are coming to hospitals for care. Their emotional and physical pain often results in them lashing out at nurses and doctors with verbal threats and physical violence.  

Doctors, nurses, and health care professionals have been on the front lines of the pandemic each and every day – from caring for COVID-19 patients to making sure our communities stay healthy. They deserve a safe, secure place to continue to provide life-saving care.  

It's time to protect and care for our exhausted health care workers who are on the frontlines caring for us in every way, every day. 

Our Health California, a grassroots community more than 1 million strong, advocates for high-quality, equitable access to care. When you add your name to this petition, you also join the Our Health California community to help improve health care access across the state.

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