Tell Washington: Hold Platforms Accountable for Their Actions! #PlatformAccountability

Many of our representatives in Washington have already voiced their concern regarding some of the largest internet platforms. From election interference to drug trafficking to hosting websites for terrorist organizations to wholesale invasions of our privacy to radicalizing our youth to starving a free press to piracy and countless other examples, the lack of responsibility and accountability exercised by these select companies have been stunning. 

For years, platforms have turned a blind eye to the proliferation of widespread societal harms on their networks. It has become increasingly clear that more needs to be done by our representatives in Washington to ensure platform accountability. 

Recently, both the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have stepped up their investigation of Google and Facebook. Congress has started formal investigations, as well. Additionally, Cloudflare recently revealed to the Securities and Exchange Commission that they had been providing services to entities "blacklisted by the US" – they have also been known to take terrorist organizations as clients. Clearly, the time for government action has come. 

Rather than holding these companies to appropriate standards of care, the current laws have excused their reprehensible conduct by leaving these immense companies unregulated in the name of "innovation" and "progress." 

A society in which such powerful companies are built on business models that trade the health and safety of Americans for billions of dollars in ad-generated revenue is not "progress." 

SIGN OUR PETITION and tell Washington that we demand action as they hold platforms like Google, Facebook, and Cloudflare, accountable and make #PlatformAccountability a priority!

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD and let's start transforming the internet back into what its founders envisioned – a safe, inclusive information network that benefits ALL OF US!

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