Tell KFC Australia to Give Chickens a Better Life

Chickens served by KFC Australia are among the millions of chickens raised in factory farms in Australia each year. These chickens are tightly packed with up to 60 thousand birds being housed in a single shed. As the chickens grow larger, they face restrictions on their ability to express natural behaviours such as roaming around and flapping their wings.

Making matters worse, these chickens are fast-growing breeds, which means they grow to their full size in an average of just six weeks. This accelerated growth rate, combined with low light levels and insufficient space to move, may lead to serious health problems including heart and lung failure, muscle weakness and lameness.

KFC in the United Kingdom and six countries in the European Union have committed to giving their chickens access to natural light and more room to move so they can perch, forage, and flap their wings. In addition, these KFC's are raising slower-growing breeds with fewer health problems. This is all part of the Better Chicken Commitment.

If KFC in the UK and six countries in Europe can commit to this, why can't KFC in Australia? Call on KFC Australia to sign the Better Chicken Commitment.

Image Credit: Aussie Farms
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