An Ohio Woman Suffered a Dangerous Miscarriage. Doctors Wouldn't Treat Her Because of Archaic Abortion Laws

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Ohio State Legislature
A woman in Ohio suffered every parent's worst nightmare: a devastating miscarriage that threatened her own life.

But when she sought medical care, the state's repressive abortion laws frightened medical providers. As a result, they delayed providing her with the care she needed. We must ensure that no more pregnant people are forced to endure the horrible treatment that this woman did!

Sign now to demand the Ohio state legislature pass a law to wipe out their 2019 abortion ban and codify the right to abortion into law!

When the woman got to the hospital, she was passing blood clots the size of golf balls and underwent multiple ultrasounds. These ultrasounds repeatedly, and tragically, revealed no heartbeat.

Despite clearly experiencing miscarriage symptoms, doctors and nurses were hesitant to provide her with the care she needed. Even after literally filling an entire bathtub with blood, medical staff told the woman that she hadn't lost enough blood for it to be a concern.

At one point, the doctors point-blank told her that they "needed to prove there was no fetal development" before they could confirm she was miscarrying. This is what anti-abortion policy looks like in action: putting pregnant people in grave danger.

If this anti-abortion legislation hadn't been on the books, this woman would not have wound up on death's door.

The Ohio state legislature must get rid of their archaic anti-abortion laws, which threaten the lives of pregnant people across the state! Sign the petition now if you agree!
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