Protect Patients and Medical Innovations in New Jersey!

New Jersey's innovative life sciences industry develops groundbreaking treatments and cures that Patients everywhere depend on. Medical innovation also supports a healthy New Jersey economy.

But a threat is looming. Patients and innovation itself may be endangered by one-size-fits-all methods to determine drug value and access.

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is a research group that uses a controversial method to determine the value of drugs that ignores individual Patient preferences. And the ICER approach to drug value assessment may be discriminatory, as it places a lower value on the lives of those with rare and chronic diseases, those with a mental or physical disability, and older Americans.

Because Patients Can't Wait®, any solution to control health care costs in New Jersey must promote innovation, incorporate the unique needs of Patients, and ensure access to care.

Join us in our efforts to protect medical innovation and access to life-changing treatments for New Jerseyans and all Americans. 
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