President Trump and former Vice President Biden: Prioritize Rebuilding the Child Care Industry

Because of the coronavirus crisis, child care providers face difficulties paying their staff, rent and other expenses. Many have closed their doors and for some it may be permanent.

Child care is essential for many American families to be able to return to work. Family budgets are already being strained as many have been without work or had a decrease in income because of the virus. We need to ensure that all child care providers are able to open as soon as it is safe to do so that families are able to get back to work as soon as they're able.

In addition to the needs of families, the child care industry is a major employer. In fact, the child care industry employs 1 ½ million people directly with another ½ million indirect jobs supported by the industry. Those employed in the industry provide an essential service to countless American families. We need to be sure these jobs remain secure when the pandemic is over.

Presidential candidates must prioritize helping to support this vital industry that millions of families rely on to keep their kids safe and learning while they work.

Sign the petition now to urge President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden to prioritize rebuilding the child care industry to help children, families and our economy thrive.
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