Procter & Gamble: Stop Axing Our Future!

Join us in this critical fight!

The lush rainforests of Indonesia, home to Indigenous peoples, and some of the last remaining habitats of endangered elephants, tigers and orangutans, face destruction. These forests aren't just local treasures; they're vital in battling climate change and preserving biodiversity. And every day they risk being cut down, or burned to make way for Conflict Palm Oil, an ingredient found in everyday products like detergents and shampoos from major producers like Procter & Gamble (P&G), known for brands such as Tide, Pantene, and Olay.

P&G sources its palm oil from Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) in Indonesia, a company notorious for deforestation and infringing on community lands. By continuing this partnership, P&G profits from environmental harm and human rights violations.

It's time P&G prioritizes the planet over profit by severing ties with RGE. Take action today.
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