Support Life-Changing Summer Programs for NY Kids!

When the school year ends, too many children return from school to empty apartments and the lure of the streets. At Catholic Charities of New York we offer an alternative: safe, high-quality programs staffed by motivated professionals and volunteers.

From recreational activities to paid internships, we address the needs of New York kids with a diverse range of programs and partnerships. We partner with 90 organizations throughout the state to provide activities to ensure a smooth transition for students from remote learning to in-person learning. Our summer rising program offers STEM-based projects and recreational activities for students, while our Liberty LTW program helps re-engage students who have fallen behind in credits due to the pandemic. Our other partnerships provide career and educational development, college advising and preparation, work preparation and skills development through focus groups. 

The goal of Catholic Charities of New York is help solve the problems of New Yorkers in need — non-Catholics and Catholics alike. Our network of services aims to address the physical, emotional and psychological needs of children and their families.

The opportunity to have a safe and nurturing environment to go when the school year is over is crucial for our youth. Sign your name to support life-changing summer programs!
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