Sign if you agree: Health care is a human right.

The administration's public charge rule could discourage immigrants from accessing health care and meeting other basic needs. People could be denied visas, green cards, or entry into the U.S. simply because they have received certain public benefits they are legally allowed to access — including health care — or are judged likely to use in the future. 

Already, immigrant families sacrifice accessing basic care and benefits out of fear of retaliation. 

Pledge your support for equal and safe access to health care, no matter one's immigration status, by adding your name today.

The administration's "public charge" rule is discriminatory against immigrants and will drive entire communities away from getting the care they need. It's wrong to deny immigrants the ability to secure legal status simply because they've accessed basic services, including health care.

We believe health care is a fundamental human right that shouldn't hinge on anyone's immigration status.

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