Tell Wendy's CEO to Stop Serving Beef Raised on Antibiotics

  • par: Consumer Reports
  • destinataire: Todd A. Penegor, President and CEO of Wendy's
Thousands of people die from antibiotic resistant infections each year. While there are many potential causes for the development of these infections, one of the major contributors is the overuse of antibiotics in farmed animals.

Ending the routine use of antibiotics in healthy animals is critical to our nation's health — that's why we're calling on Wendy's to only serve beef from animals not routinely treated with antibiotics.

McDonald's recently committed to reducing the use of antibiotics in its beef supply in response to consumer pressure. Thanks to consumer pressure, there's also been a huge decline in the use of antibiotics in chicken production. But the majority of antibiotics sold to the food industry go toward cattle, so it's critical Wendy's takes action to reduce antibiotic use in its beef supply.

Wendy's is the third-largest burger chain in the nation, and if Wendy's acts, then we will continue to build the momentum in our fight to end the overuse of antibiotics in livestock. Sign the petition to Wendy's CEO to do the right thing when it comes to antibiotic use in beef!
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