Beat inequity. Fight for more Heart & Stroke research for women.

Garima doesn't get headaches. So, when her head began to hurt while picking up a friend from the airport, it came as a surprise. The pain was so bad that she drove herself to her family physician instead of going to work.

Her doctor diagnosed a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics.

The pain continued, so she stayed home from work the next day. When her son got back from school, he found her having a seizure. Soon after, her daughter came home and rushed Garima to the walk-in clinic.

Her speech was slurred and nonsensical as she tried to answer the doctor's questions. Garima was taken to the hospital, had a brain scan, and was immediately transferred to another hospital with a stroke centre. Her brain was bleeding; she was having a stroke.

Today, 2/3 of heart and stroke clinical research is based on men. With more research and more awareness, could her stroke have been diagnosed earlier?

Women are not small men. And we need your help to close the research gap. Beat inequity. Show your support for increased clinical research so that we know more about women's unique heart and brain health and save more lives.
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