Stop Trump's Latest Attempt to Block Climate Action

The Trump Administration has announced a fresh attack on America's efforts to combat the climate crisis:

They're working to unravel an Obama-era rule — one that ensured that coal plants being newly built had to adhere to clear carbon pollution limits, reflecting the best available approaches to reducing this dangerous pollution.

Don't stand for latest signal to the fossil fuel industry that their profits matter more than Americans' health and safety. Take action today!

SUBJECT: Don't roll back carbon pollution limits on new coal plants

Dear Administrator Wheeler,

I am writing today extremely disappointed in EPA's announcement of plans to eliminate standards have been in full force and effect for over three years, and require new coal-fired power plants to use the best available approaches to reduce carbon pollution.

This is an important safeguard that is proving increasingly necessary. The Trump Administration's latest National Climate Assessment is a clear call to action to activate solutions that will stem harmful warming and protect communities that stand at the forefront of a changing climate.

Now is not the time to be moving backwards and undermining progress. Please stop this assault on climate action immediately.

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