Vaccinate the world to end the pandemic once and for all

While rich countries continue to hoard vaccines, only 2% of COVID-19 vaccines have been made available to people living in low income countries. This is not only unjust, this is irresponsible.

Our leaders are leaving millions of people vulnerable to the virus and putting us all at risk of new variants prolonging the pandemic indefinitely. We all want the pandemic to end and there's only one way out: getting vaccines everywhere.

Add your name to our urgent petition asking world leaders to adopt a global plan to vaccinate the whole world by 2022.

Dear world leaders,

We want the pandemic to end. With COVID-19 still raging globally and millions of people left vulnerable to the virus, inaction is not an option. We are urging you to adopt a global plan to vaccinate 70% of the population globally by September 2022 and end the pandemic everywhere once and for all.

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