Who will pay for BC's climate costs? Big Oil must pay its fair share

Flooding, drought and wildfires made worse by climate change are real threats to BC communities. Our local, provincial and federal governments are increasingly spending hundreds of millions of dollars preparing for climate impacts with costly measures — including improved coastal flood defences, wildfire risk reduction, upgraded stormwater systems and more.

But why should taxpayers shoulder 100% of the costs of fighting and preparing for climate change?

Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and 17 other global fossil fuel companies have caused almost 30% of the greenhouse gas pollution in the global atmosphere. They have made billions of dollars selling products that degrade our atmosphere, while fighting to delay climate action. If we can make them pay for the harm caused by their products, they will also have an incentive to work towards a more sustainable future.

A growing number of BC communities are demanding that the fossil fuel industry share in the escalating climate costs facing their taxpayers. The BC government could strengthen those demands by passing laws to allow local groups to take Big Oil to court for its share of climate costs. This type of law would clarify and expand the options available for local governments and others harmed by climate change to sue fossil fuel companies for a share of climate costs.

Join us in calling on the BC government to enact a new law to help communities recover a share of their climate-related costs from global fossil fuel polluters.
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