Protect our region from billion-dollar billboard companies!

Scenic Pittsburgh specializes in fighting big billboard companies on behalf of our region's communities, while Scenic America, our parent organization, does the same thing on a national level. Billboards aren't just ugly – they're also a threat to Pennsylvania communities. Studies demonstrate that billboards reduce property values, discourage business, and make people feel negatively towards their community. And they ruin the scenic beauty which is one of our region's greatest treasures and economic assets.


Multi-billion-dollar billboard companies profit off roads, bridges and scenery YOU support with your tax dollars, while paying no business taxes themselves. They go into communities and buy up sites, with no regard for the character of the neighborhood or scenery they're destroying. And once installed, billboards are not only difficult to get rid of, they're legally allowed to post whatever they want: from liquor, to a polarizing political image, to an ad for a "gentlemen's club."

Please sign this petition to stand up for our communities, save our scenic legacy, and help us and Scenic America fight billboard blight.

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