Let's stop e-waste together!

    Did you know that e-waste is the fastest growing source of waste?

    E-waste is any electronic device that has gone to waste or got burned over time. According to Peekaboo Kidz, only 12.5% of electronic devices are recycled. The Institute of Physics also states that the huge amount of lead and mercury that e-waste produces can damage our blood, kidneys and nervous system. Another fact is that mostly children work in e-waste recycling and these children are very vulnerable.

    This problem is a noticeably big problem, but it is easy to solve, you just need to recycle your electronics and sign this petition. Our responsibility as consumers is to responsibly recycle our e-waste at a trustworthy source like Call2Recycle. This would be immensely helpful to me and the environment. Thank you for your time and hopefully you will sign this.

    An OIS Student.
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