Petition to Build a Brigantine for these Random Strangers I Found Online.

I was watching "Abandon Ship" By Steffan Argus and posted by RPG Music. When a comment by "ink" caught my attention. He wanted to set sail with a crew, me and like 30 other strangers were on board. I don't see why we shouldn't be able to forget our worries and responsibility, set sail on a ship and leave everything behind. Here's a question for you. Have you ever wanted to go to sleep and stay in the dream? Why stay in that dream when we can leave behind what makes everything so stressful? Look at our society, look at US. We can't live without staying on the path, and getting a job, maybe we don't have to. We need food, water, shelter, and people, but since when did we need money? Why not live a healthy long life and still be free from the shackles that strand us here on an island, with no boat to get to the mainland. If you're still reading, good job :) I'm proud of you. So, what I had in mind was there would be several stations for the boat, including medical supplies, "lady products" for the ladies when it's that time of month, with food and water, and you might be asking, "Ok, but what's in it for literally everyone else." Well, my impatient little reader, the boat will have a net, along with a room at the bottom of the ship for the plastic. It'll scrape the top of the water for plastic and a person will bring it up every 15 minutes, releasing any fish stuck in the net. We'll also clean up beaches and because if we're sailing the seas we should clean it up right? We won't constantly be relying on the stations for food and water, we'll also have a salt water filter, and catch our own food. Honestly I don't expect anyone to sign, this is more like a really expensive dream than a real petition. But, it's good to dream, and it's good to think of ways to help yourself and the sea. (lol this is actually a rollercoaster. There's like 3 completely seprate topics in this.)

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