Trump Makes Discrimination in Healthcare Legal

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The Trump Administration has said they are going to allow healthcare workers to refuse treatment on moral grounds. This would mean everything from an OBGYN refusing fertility treatment to lesbians to a pharamacist not filling birth control could be legal. If this happens, many many patients will suffer greatly and even potentially die. 

Sign the petition to tell the Trump administration not to make discrimination legal in healthcare.

This move would be particularly damaging to the LGBTQ community because they could be refused any type of care simple for who they are. It would be legal for a doctor to refuse to save an LGBTQ person's life because they are gay or trans. This is just plain wrong.

The smaller, but just as threatening things that would happen are women having a harder time accessing birth control and abortions and trans folks not being able to access basic health care to drug addicts being refused care for their usage. We cannot let the Trump administration give this kind of power to mistreat patients to individuals based on their beliefs. 

Please sign the petition to protect patients' civil rights. 
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Firma la petizione
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