Bring Hossein Soudy Golabchi, the US Snow Leopard TROPHY HUNTER to justice

  • da: Amanda W.
  • destinatario: The US Department of Fish and Game and The US Department of Agriculture

A list of reasons and laws are not necessary. There's nowhere in the entire Western Hemisphere (and the rest of the world) that allows ANYONE to go into Central Asia to "trophy hunt" a snow leopard.

It is illegal to own their body parts or their beautiful fur and importing their remains into the United States is a federal offense. This long-time and prolific trophy hunter of rare cats must be made an example of or these magnificent cats will vanish forever. 

I launched this petition on October 23, 2017, International Snow Leopard Day. Let's all work together to make sure by International Snow Leopard Day 2018 that this man is brought to justice.

Aggiorna #54 anni fa
One year on Golabchi has expressed zero remorse for destroying the life of the world’s rarest cats. We are still trying to locate the remains of this beautiful snow leopard to properly lay them to rest. We want to thank every single person that signed this petition. Despite no charges against the hunter due to time elapsed as well as lax regulations , in the past year we’ve seen a strong justified backlash against trophy hunters who kill under the false premise of “conservation.” KEEP FIGHTING!
Aggiorna #45 anni fa
Here is a an in-depth update and statement by TERA International.
Thank you to Siofra Brennan and The Daily Mail for excellent coverage today
Share now to help us hit 150,000 strong, and show the international trophy hunting lobby that we will NEVER tolerate the hunting of snow leopards and big cats. We're waiting to hear back from the USDA and Fish and Game and will update then.
Thank you, Amanda
Aggiorna #35 anni fa
Thanks to the UK press for coverage. By his own admission Golabchi brought the Snow Leopard's remains to Germany and claims to have shipped it to Mexico. We now ask Fish and Game to confirm where the pelt is. Big Cat killing apologists are now using every excuse to justify this. The date of the hunt is inconsequential at this point-it never should have happened in the first place and must come under international scrutiny. An indepth statement will be issued here by TERA on 11/7/2017 8:00pm GMT
Aggiorna #25 anni fa
We've been contacted with concerns that the hunt may have happened too long ago to be prosecutable. To our knowledge there is no statue of limitations on international wildlife crime nor do we believe that there was just one snow leopard brutally destroyed. ONE is too many and Golabchi has killed hundreds of animals on SIX continents. To our horror he's given a step-by-step account of the tragic snow leopard hunt book in a called "Obsessed." We too are obsessed. Obsessed with seeking justice.
Aggiorna #15 anni fa
I want to personally thank everyone around the world for helping this go viral. Snow leopards have never been numerous. The thought of a wealthy American specifically seeking one out to destroy it's life is unfathomable. It also damages the communities around the snow leopard. Golabchi symbolizes the back room/dark webs deals that makes poaching/canned hunts synonymous with trophy hunting. He needs to be the example and needs to be in prison. Thank you, Amanda, TERA International 501(c)(3)
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