End Daylight Saving Time for Good in the United States!

Twice every year, people living in the United States have to keep track of switching clocks. And in March, when Americans are expected to "spring forward" and lose an hour, millions of people experience disruption in their daily lives. Studies have even found that when the clocks spring forward, heart attacks go up, as does teen sleep deprivation.

These are scary statistics. It's time we get rid of daylight saving time altogether and commit to Standard time year-round.

Sign now to tell Congress: end daylight saving time! Let's stay in Standard time for good!

Clearly, there is no need for this outdated practice! While it was first implemented to save coal and help farmers, we have progressed so far away from that. The societal factors that created our bizarre time change choices are just not longer required. It's a relic and it needs to end.

The majority of Americans agree: it's time to end daylight saving time for good. Making Standard time permanent would be wildly popular and bipartisan, resulting in millions of Americans feeling better each spring. So why won't Congress act?

If you think we should keep Standard time for good, sign the petition!
Firma la petizione
Firma la petizione
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