Tell Stulish, an anonymous messaging app, to crack down on bullying!

My daughter Keira age 12 has been bullied for months via Stulish app that allows childen to message other children anonymously. Keira is not on this app - the nasty messages are being sent to her via her friends, or being shared over social media. As you can imagine this is having a huge effect on Keira.

Stulish app is so dangerous as you don't know who sends the messages, as they can choose to send them anonymously. My aim is to get Stulish app to take action to stop malicious, bullying messages being sent through its platform. It could do this via a reporting feature, or key words triggering an automated message block function.

There is so much cyber bullying going around these days and apps like this don't help. If I can get this app to stop malicious messages being sent, and reduce the amount of bullying that goes on in the world, then it's a start to a better world for our children. 


I had a response from Stulish app and they won't remove the anonymous feature, so I am asking them to crack down on bullying messages being sent through their app.

I am also trying to get Google Play Store and Apple to take down these apps if they have a anonymous feature and refuse to take action against bullying. Hopefully they can support my petition and see why these apps are a huge problem. 

Also want to thank each and everyone of you for your support I am overwhelmed with the response i have received x



Aggiorna #3circa un anno fa
Wow wow wow almost at 900 please please keep sharing with your family and friends.. many thanks Janine xx
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Almost at 700 please keep sharing and tagging as many people as possible.. would love to get to 1000 signatures by 12 tomrow x
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Hey guys so please with how well we are doing.. let's keep sharing and signing
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