Urgent: Say “NO” to mass killings of boar and deer in Tuscany!

  • da: Rebecka Lindau
  • destinatario: The President of Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, enrico.rossi@regione.toscana.it

A law is about to be voted on (February 2), which would have a chilling effect on both wildlife and human populations in Tuscany, Italy, and if the law passes, may set a precedent for the rest of Italy. The law would make it legal to hunt and kill some 250,000 animals, especially wild boar and deer, anytime (365 days a year) for three years and anywhere, including typical tourist places such as wooded areas, the countryside, the hills around churches and castles, along the coast, and at city borders as evidenced by recent mass killings of boar in Florence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o66iNTTV3Sw.

Tuscany would be overrun by thousands of hunters from around the world, gunshots and barking dogs would accompany the summer holidays. In addition, during each hunting season currently in Tuscany there are more than 100 human casualties, a number that would increase substantially over the course of three years of relentless killing.

We ask that you protest this senseless and cruel law by boycotting Tuscany, not visiting the area and not consuming imported Tuscan products such as wines and foods. The only way to stop this law is to impact the tourism revenue of Tuscany and Italy.

I am asking you to use your influence to affect a no-vote on the recent law proposal to kill 250,000 boars and deer in Tuscany, anytime and anywhere for three years. This cruel and senseless law would have a chilling effect on animals and humans alike as well as affect tourism for years to come. If this law passes, I will boycott all Italian, especially Tuscan products, as well as no longer travel to Italy and Tuscany.


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Firma la petizione
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