Fair Treatment for the Disabled

    Social issues, employment and other living skills that the disabled may need others to understand and even contribute on their behalf in exchange for what they offer on a regular basis are being disregarded and belittled. What most people of the United Stated consider normal and often expect because of the way they live and what the do from day to day is something the disabled have come to rely on over the years and have been assisted with in such a way that they need what they earn and deserve as much as those who live what they may see as normal lives. Because they are often not earning enough to be on record when they do achieve what they have done it is a good place to start. Acknowledging what they have done and what they were given in exchange will open some eyes to what their lives were like and how they lived. Most Disabled people were not completely turned away or left to themselves. What they meant by disabled will be something they can check on and look and see for themselves what happened to those who were part of the underbelly of the United States.
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