UN: Stop the Kidnapping and Torture of Gay Men in Chechnya

  • da: Andrew M
  • destinatario: UN Secretary General: António Guterres

In a disgusting show of inhumanity, Chechen authorities have been posing online as gay men looking for dates, only to entrap their victims and spirit them off for torture and execution. We're learning now that these men have been taken to prison camps. To date, three have died in the anti-gay purge. 

When asked about the claims made by several victims the government responded:

"You cannot detain and persecute people who simply do not exist in the republic."

These chilling words are far from comforting and speak to the urgent need for the world community to take action to protect the gay community within this Russian, semi-independent state.

While the government refutes these accusations, news reports suggest that more than 100 men, some as young as 16 have fallen victim to the government's traps, many of them never to return. Those that did, were turned over to their families in the hopes that they would perform honor killings.

No one should ever be persecuted for who they are. This kind of cruelty cannot stand and we need to join together to make sure the world takes action. Please join me by signing this petition and asking the United Nations to condemn these heinous programs and use their influence to put an end to them now.

UN Secretary General António Guterres ;

I am signing this petition today, because I have learned about the shocking anti-gay purge that is taking place as we speak in Chechnya. To date, three have died and over a hundred have been rounded up and tortured, some never to be seen again. I am asking you, as the Secretary of the United Nations to step in. Please condemn these heinous actions and pressure Russia and and the rest of the world community to take action. We must protect our most vulnerable citizens.

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Aggiorna #16 anni fa
It looks like things are far worse than people originally thought. Take a look at this headline and read the article below: Chechnya opens world's first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler's in the 1930s where campaigners say gay men are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death: https://goo.gl/PIzIVa Please keep sharing!

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