Save the Leopard cat through your little actions

  • destinatario: 台灣政府

In Taiwan, there is an animal with an elegant appearance and beautiful fur then it is Leopard cat. Unfortunately, their numbers are gradually decreasing, and there are fewer than 2,000 leopard cats left in the world. Maybe in the near future, this beautiful animal will disappear in our world. In addition to being threatened, Leopard cat also faces the danger of many poachers and being killed by cars. I am not asking you to do anything big to save these cute and poor animals. However, at least move your finger to help our proposal co-sign, and let the government and more people know about it through the pressure of public opinion. Let more people know that there is a group of animals in a certain corner of the world, waiting for your little action to save them. It is hoped that the passage of legal amendments can ensure the restoration of Leopard cat and strengthen the punishment of poachers.

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Firma la petizione
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