Excessive Noise in Rio Rancho Neighborhoods

    You may have noticed a few sources of very loud noises in our community these days. This is also known as noise pollution. As with many other types of pollution, noise pollution has the capability of making people feel awful. Notable health issues that can be caused by noise pollution include stress, weakened mental acuity, and elevated blood pressure and heart rates. I think its time we make an effort to stop the increased noise pollution that is starting to plague our communities.

    There are many types of noise pollutants but this petition is being created in hopes to target two specific sources:
    Vehicles with intentional loud exhausts and "boom" cars with intentional loud bass.

    These vehicles and their owners have no shame in polluting our environment whether it be early morning or late at night (and all the times in between). Noise coming form 1-2k feet away disrupting the volume of which you are having a conversation with the person right next to you is unacceptable. As well as being woken up in the middle of the night because of such loud bass or exhaust or sleeping babies being woken up from naps. Let's not fail to mention those people who have PTSD and are extremely sensitive to loud noises. The occurrences are all avoidable and unacceptable.

    Please join with me in putting a stop to, or at the least, decreasing the amount of noise that is polluting our beautiful community. It is not just an issue of annoyance, it is a matter of protecting our health and wellness.
    Firma la petizione
    Firma la petizione
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