Fire the Man Who Let a Convicted Child Sex Trafficker Off Easy

  • da: Kevin Mathews
  • destinatario: White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney

Before becoming Trump's secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta served as a U.S. attorney in Miami. During that time, Acosta was in charge of prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein for sexually abusing and sex trafficking roughly 80 underage girls.

But he did everything in his power to let a child sex trafficker off easy.

Despite this heinous nature of these crimes, the "deal" Acosta negotiated was to have Epstein serve 13 months in prison, while also having "work release," which allowed him to report to an office for 12 hours a day, six days a week. In addition, Epstein was immune from subsequent charges and an FBI investigation into the scope of Epstein's sex trafficking ring was abruptly ended.

Why did Acosta let Epstein off with a relative slap on the wrist for crimes that would land most people in jail for their whole lives? Presumably, it's because Epstein is a billionaire with powerful friends like Donald Trump. Justice was blatantly denied so that a wealthy, connected person could avoid the consequences of his actions, and it happened at Acosta's direction.

Now that details are emerging about this shady deal slash protection of a child rapist, it's clear that Acosta has no business serving in the White House. Especially in light of the fact that the Department of Labor is in charge of overseeing human trafficking issues, Acosta needs to be removed from this position promptly.

We call on acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to make this personnel change ASAP.

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A federal judge has just ruled that the lenient deal Alexander Acosta cut was illegal. Please share this petition with 5 friends so we can keep the pressure on the White House to remove Acosta immediately.
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